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The Holy Family

Item # 30001 Long, long ago, in a far away land, a beautiful young woman named Mary and her husband, Joseph, had to travel from their little village to a town called Bethlehem to be counted in a census. Mary, pregnant, rode a donkey led by Joseph as they made the long journey to the city. When they finally arrived in Bethlehem, they found the city spilling over with thousands of people there for the same purpose. As it was late and getting dark, Joseph guided the little donkey from inn to inn looking for a place for Mary to rest. However, with so many people in town, there were no rooms left at the inns. Desperately, Joseph knocked on the door of an inn at the end of a narrow street. The innkeeper, tired and frazzled, opened the door only to give them the same answer, “We have no rooms left!” The innkeeper’s wife, glancing over her husband’s shoulder, noticed the young Mary, pregnant with child, and compassion filled her heart. “Dearest”, she said, “let them stay in back in the manger. It’s quiet and warm there.” “As you will,” he waved his arm and went back to his other guests. Joseph and Mary gratefully followed the innkeeper’s wife to the back of the inn where a little manger stood. “Here now,” said the wife, “bring your things inside. I’ll fetch you some water and a basket I used for my children when they were babies. It looks like you’ll be needing it very soon.” She hurried away to get the promised items and Joseph gently led Mary into the cozy little manger. He unrolled their rug and spread it on the floor and laid some straw on it. He was grateful that Mary’s uncle had given her a beautiful warm cloak as a wedding gift, and he tucked it around her as she lay on the straw. The innkeeper’s wife returned with a jug of water, a little brown baby basket, blankets and a lantern. It’s glowing light filled the manger as Mary awaited the birth of her child. Late during the night, when the city was asleep, a baby’s cry was heard from the manger in back of the inn. Mary gave birth to her son, Jesus, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and placed him in the little brown basket. Joseph tied a little wooden donkey toy he had carved to the handle of the basket, his first gift to his son. Together, they gazed in loving wonder at the beautiful child, asleep in his cradle. The donkey, sensing something special was taking place, came closer and gazed down at the sleeping baby. A little rabbit nearby stopped and saw the warm glow in the manger and hopped over to see what was inside. Above the manger, in the deep night sky, a bright star hovered, casting its rays like a protective mantel over the manger. Nearby in the fields, shepherds were sung awake by a chorus of angels…and the heavens rejoiced over The First Christmas.

KLLW13 Pregnant

Pregnant An image from Living Well, a collection of 50 illustrations by Kari Lehr (B/W eps )

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